Pardon my caffeine addiction

To the whole nine months of when I was a child-bearer, I maintained my body free of any harmful toxins, and I was glowing. Roll forward to a sickly toddler and a full time working professional and mother, my toxin levels are so high, almost all of it might be from stress and the grind of everyday working and living!

My retirement fund says I have 17.01 years of work-life left! But I don’t want that so far away, I want to enjoy now, and enjoy well.

I just got back into work horse mode recently and I’m going positively mad! I’m flippantly looking to jump jobs, roles and keep my life new. I crave creative outlet, something that might not happen in this current job.

To top off this rant, the perfect dull stormy weather compliments my current mood. It’s grey, and I’m usually black and white, I’m told! I need to find a new project, soon!


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