I was once told by a now famous drummer of TRDP band that my voice renders very well into a microphone and was offered a chance to sing for the band. Another similar opportunity to introduce my team members at a fraternity almost fifteen years ago gave me the nickname of ‘husky sexy voice’ Rad.

So here I am, making space in my life to hone that voice and making room to welcome it happily in my world right now, and this is it.

My demo tracks for various reading excerpts have been hidden away in my hard drive for way too long. But it is here finally and will be featured and updated time and again to keep my pursuit in voice acting going.

Listen to IndianHealthcare by Radindiscity #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Crate&Barrel_spring2018 RadhaHayagreev by Radindiscity #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to 01 Sam Was A Man by Radindiscity #np on #SoundCloud