Radindiscity is a conversation of inspired thoughts, particularly for those that happen at peculiar moments of my life.

I had a conversation about what “rad-in-dis-city” literally means a few years ago.

I’m brimming with ideas when I’m behind the wheel, or in the shower, while browsing my phone in the potty, while walking some random streets in suburban America and while cooking, so I come here to put them all together for you’ll to read, respond, send feedback and stay connected.

Disclaimer: This space is purely my thoughts online, I want to have fun creating works of design that gives joy, and I want you to have fun with it too. If you have ideas or feedback on any of this, write to me here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You will find some of my architecture projects that belonged to my world about a decade ago. Click here to get a preview. Thats merely a collection of my earlier work, showing my skill of an architect and designer.

(Warning! I do have particular metaphorical paragraphs sometimes, and an example follows!) Every time I am at a cul-de-sac of my inspiration, surrounded by the same cookie cutter homes, all I need to see is the beautiful bougainvillea that climbs the edge all the way to the top, just to make it seem so humane.

I worked very hard to make a career in modern India being a big proponent of modern architecture. While it lasted well there, I burnt out soon, what with the IT boom and all that nonstop work. I craved the kind of creative force that had more meaning and a human touch to it. Don’t get me wrong, clean lines still strike to me as beautiful, but it needs to make me and the resident of the space happy. I resonate with happy modern more than anything else right now. I prefer to enjoy a well crafted space that ages well, I still don’t know if the true realization is wabo-sabi, but for now I will stick with it makes me happy! So here comes my first hashtag #happymodern

Of course there is #radindiscity. Whats rad in your city?

There a third one called #thedozendozen. I have written all about this one here.